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He was born in Taranto in 1950 and has lived in Verona since 1980. He has a degree in informatics and began to work in the IT sector for sales-planning while also being interested in visual communications. In recent years he has returned to his passion for photography and video making.Since 2007 he has followed, recorded as a photo-reporter, and filmed sports events, competitions, and contests in the sector of sailing, windsurfing, and snowboarding.

In 2009 he was official photographer for the events organized by AIWS; in 2010 he was official photographer for all the events arranged by the Torbole surf club as well as for other sailing and windsurf competitions on Lake Garda, in Sardinia and in Calabria. In 2009 he held his first solo show, Audiovisivi, il Mondo del Windsurf, in Torbole at the new headquarters of the club during the Surfestival, and at Castelvecchio in Verona, the guest of the Circolo Ufficiali.

In 2010 and 2011, he was in charge of the booth at Verona’s Sport Expo.

In 2012, together with the photographer Valerio Di Domenica, he held a solo show titled Hai mai visto il Circolo?.

In 2013, together with his friend Flavio Castellani, he held a solo show titled Le PIetre del Colore.

In 2014 he held a solo show of photography and video titled dal primitivo al negroamaro: images and photo-reportage videos of the wine industry in Puglia.

In 2015, in the Library of Verona and in the Castello Aragonese of Taranto with the sponsorship of EXPO Milano 2015, the Municipality of Verona, the Municipality of Taranto and collaboration of the Unified Circle of Verona Army will host the event, presented photos and videos: “Bread Wine Fish”

In a search for movement and color, since 2011 he has officially recorded, with photos and videos, the Gala d’Oro of the Fieracavalli fair. Since 2013 he has been of the Verona photographers club.

Since february 2016, Drone operator and pilot, ENAC Certificate for Standard and Critical Operations.

In 2017 he produced a multimedia container (videos, photos, portfolio in iBooks and paper) of Matera, and Sassi. With the patronage of the Municipality of Matera and Lucana Film Commission.

From 2018 he created several photo and video services, also using the drone, inside and outside the Veronese Churches managed by the Chiese Vive Association, in agreement with the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese of Verona.


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